Is your AWS environment properly secured?

Get some certainty about what needs to be improved, and how urgently.

Find out what's happening - in real time

With Corrected Cloud you can find security mis-configurations before they become security problems.

Spot problems within seconds

Where other tools exist to spot signs of a compromise, Corrected Cloud warns you immediately when something exploitable exists in your environment - before an attacker has time to act.

Give your team greater autonomy

Let your team create resources without overly restrictive controls, safe in the knowledge that bad security configurations are visible to all.

Deep insights

Where other tools offer automated compliance checks, Corrected Cloud understands the context of each resource and the security implications of the way they are configured.

Full IAM policy evaluation

Our complete IAM policy evaluation engine means Corrected Cloud always understands the effective permissions, even when Permissions Boundaries and Service Control Policies are layered on top. This allows us to provide detailed alerts on dangerous or excessive permissions and even IAM privilege escalation vulnerabilities within your IAM policies.

We respect your time

Context awareness means no ‘critical’ alerts for security groups that aren’t even attached to an instance, or security controls that aren’t enabled for a service you don’t use.

No code to write

Add Corrected Cloud to your environment and start getting feedback straight away.

Built by AWS experts

Built by a team using AWS since 2006, we have deep understanding of what problems and pitfalls you need to avoid. Add Corrected Cloud to your environment and have it checked for a huge library of known security problems.

Constantly updated

New checks for newly released and existing services are continually added, ensuring that your security keeps pace with the rapidly evolving world of Cloud.

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