Introducing Audits

One question that comes up frequently when speaking to customers is how they can better idea of what permissions exist within their AWS accounts. AWS provide a mechanism to list user accounts and roles, and the IAM policies assigned to those entities can be examined, but this does not provide a simple answer to the question “Who is an admin in this account?”, or “Who can write to this S3 bucket?”.

With the launch of audits, Corrected Cloud customers now have a simple, point and click way to answer these questions.

We are launching with two audit reports - one to show all entities with administrative privileges, and one for S3 access. We have a number of further reports planned, and we will be prioritising based on customer feedback.

As with everything in Corrected Cloud, the reports are generated based on real-time data, and there is no waiting for scheduled scans of your account. This means you can find a problem based on the output of the report, fix it, and then immediately re-run the report to verify it is solved.

Audits are available to all Corrected Cloud customers immediately. If you are not a Corrected Cloud customer you can sign up for a completely free 14 day trial.

For more information on how to use the audits feature, please see the section in our documentation.

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